Kemphill Farm, Stroudwood Road, Ryde

P/01035/17 or TCP/21061/M

A planning application has been submitted to the IOW Council in respect of Kemphill Farm, Stroudwood Farm, Ryde. The application is for a proposed detached garage.

Details of the application can be seen on the IOW Councils website,
The final day for comments is 29 September 2017.

While the planning authority is the IOW Council, with whom the final decision rests, Parish Councils are consultees in the planning process. However, there will be no scheduled meeting of the Parish Council prior to the final day for comments. Councillors will therefore submit any comments they may have to the Clerk, who in turn will submit them to the IOW Council before the closing date. Anyone wishing to submit written comments for consideration, should email them to the Clerk at by 5pm on Friday 22 September 2017 or submit them direct to the IOW Council.

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