Press Release

Havenstreet and Ashey Parish Council have installed a new defibrillator at Ashey Road Garage, following the installation of a similar amenity outside Havenstreet Community Centre, and is an asset to the small community of Ashey, with the location ideal as many commuters and public passing through the garage on a regular basis.
Parish Chairman Sue Lyons said ‘As a parish council we are delighted to have a defibrillator installed in Ashey and give thanks to Steve Dollery for allowing this to be installed for the benefit of the community”.
IOW Defibrillators Steve Reed added “It’s a pleasure to install another life saving aid to the general public”.
Havenstreet and Ashey Parish Council have worked with partner agencies to ensure the most appropriate unit is in place, and the project is part of the longer-term development of services and activities available in the Parish.
Ashey Garage proprietor Steve Dollery concluded “The community and general public benefit from this Defibrillator, I’m honoured to be able to have this outside of our garage”.
For more information on Defibrillators and how they can be used

(L to R Steve Dollery (Ashey Road Garage), Cllr Karen Hull, Parish Chair Sue Lyons, Steve Reed (IOW Defibrillators) Cllr Mick Lyons).

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